About Us

Welcome to Liquid Assets Wine Storage, Melbourne Australia.

Liquid Assets have about five hundred Wine Collectors on its books.

Our customers spend a lot of money on wine. They buy wine by the Carton and Store with Us. Our Wine Collectors invest heavily in the Wine Industry and tend to be time poor, cash rich consumers that are extremely discerning buyers and value timely, accurate and clear wine information.

The owners of such precious wine are from Melbourne, Interstate, New York, London, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and many other marvellous places around the world.

Your Liquid Assets.

… are managed by Braden Robb on behalf of Prince Wine Store. Prince Wine Store have been a leading retailer, wholesaler and importer of fine wine in Melbourne for the last 18 years and as such understand the importance of appropriate cellarage conditions when it comes to the successful aging of wine.

The First in Australia.

Liquid Assets was founded in 1998 by Greg Martin and John Nielsen as the first specialized full Managed Wine Storage service in Australia. In 2014 they sold the managed cellarage business to Prince Wine Store.

Service & Price.

As fellow wine lovers we understand what wine appreciators need. We have developed a wine storage service model that will keep your wine in perfect conditions get the wine to you when you want and yet keep the price of this service to a minimum. The new association with Prince Wine Store also opens up the ability for us to asses your wines for drinkability or possible sale. One of the best things about keeping your wine in a Managed Cellar is that you can an accurate list of your wines any-time any-where via our web portal. No more digging around in storage bins or your home cellar looking for a particular bottle and no more concerns about keeping your records up to date we do it all for you.

Apply Now.

If you are interested the first step is to complete our Application Form and read the terms and conditions of your cellarage agreement. We will then be in contact to arrange for pick up or delivery. Download the Application Form here: Click Here
Download the Terms and Condition: Click Here