Schedule of charges

Storage FeesDelivery and Pick up fees


Handling Fee's


Schedual Other Fees


All prices are quoted in dollars per case per month in Australian dollars. (AUD) “Fees per month” means a 30 day month. “Fees” refers to full or part month. All prices include 10% GST Terms and Conditions.

Storage Fees.

Storage fees relate to the quantity of that particular size of wine carton in your cellar.


If you select wine from your cellar as “bottle picks” some wine cartons will become part empty. To reduce storage costs these cartons can be “consolidated” into fewer cartons.

Late fees.

We don’t like to use this “cold-prickly” fee. Please keep us up-to-date with your credit card details and any other changes to your contact details.

Metro deliveries.

We are committing ourselves to you getting your wine home for-the-weekend. We have committed our resources to delivering onĀ  Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays. Prior to public holidays we will make additional delivery day arrangements. Pick up is also available at Prince Wine Store in South Melbourne and Sydney every day except Sunday 10-6pm or at Prince Wine and Spirits seven days a week. Wines requiring delivery to destinations further afield will be sent with Fastway which includes $1500 transit insurance.