Prince Wine Store acquire Liquid Assets

Prince Wine Store acquire Liquid Assets

After fifteen years proprietors Greg Martin and John Nielsen have decided to explore other opportunities and are very happy to announce the sale of Liquid Assets Cellarage to Prince Wine Store Pty Ltd.
Prince Wine Store have been a leading retailer, wholesaler and importer of fine wine in Melbourne for the last 18 years and as such understand the importance of appropriate cellarage conditions when it comes to the successful aging of wine.
Prince Wine Store plans to keep cellarage fees and operational conditions as they have been and there will be no change to how you, as a cellarage customer, interact with the Liquid Assets portal.
Having said that, Prince Wine Store will be adding a number of new services to the suite already available to Liquid Assets clients.
Proposed Additional New Services Available in 2015
In 2015 Liquid Assets will be gradually widening its service offering to our cellarage clients. The additional services mainly aim to splice into some of the natural synergies afforded by the association with Prince Wine Store. It’s envisaged that these additional services will be added as soon as possible.
1.    Taking Advantage of Your Cellar
Keeping a cellar is one of the great joys of owning wine. Witnessing the evolution of a particular wine gives a complete understanding of a particular grower and terroir that can’t be adequately communicated by opening current or even recent vintages.
Having said that, we’re very aware that keeping track of what should be drunk when and having the appropriate opportunity is difficult; particularly given how time poor many are these days.
In 2015 you will be able to access (should you wish) the many experts at Prince Wine Store to complete a cellar appraisal and suggest wines that should be consumed, sold or held. In addition, because Prince Wine Store also owns the award-winning wine bar and bistro, Bellota, Liquid Assets clients will be able to have dinners planned around their own cellars and hold the dinners at the restaurant for a special rate. In other words, you arrange the friends and we can get your “ready” wines together and pair them up with a suitable menu.
2.    Wine Exchange & Auctions
During the course of 2015/2016 we hope to expand into providing Wine Exchange and Wine Auction services for many of our existing customers.

3.    Other Prince Wine Store Services
Prince Wine Store can also offer a number of other services to Liquid Assets customers including:
•         Wine & Spirit Education Trust UK Courses –ALevel 2 – Diploma Level
•         Specific Courses for French, Italian, Spanish, Barolo, and Burgundy Courses
•         Special Offers on Rare and Great Wine of the World
•         Tracking Wines You Like – Tell PWS what you like buying and they will alert you when a new vintage is available
•         Regular free tastings, paid masterclasses and dinners

Finally, it’s important to note that none of these services will be automatically thrust upon you. They will be available upon request and can be withdrawn at any time you like.

Alex Wilcox and Michael McNamara

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